Gayatri Mantra - 24, 000 times
Third eye meditation with telugu subtitles

Third eye meditation

Naad Yoga Meditation English subtitles

Meditationon on Sun Telugu Subtitles

Meditation on three bodies, Meditation on Sun

Meditation on Sun

Meditation on Sun to get energy for Physical body, Mental body and Soul.

Sri Gayathri Sahasranama Stotram - ( Devotional ) for intuitive body ( Budhic body) development

Sri Gayatri Sahasranama Stotram : Careful pronunciation during the recitation of these slokas leads to activation and expansion of our Budhic body.

Healing Bells

Pt. Sri Ram Sharma Acharya in his book " Nada Brahma Sabdha Brahma " explained the importance of sound and its effect on our physical, mental and emotional bodies. This temple bells meditation presented here helps you heal any of your problems by clearing off the obstacles in our life.

Subhakamana or Great Blessing with English Lyrics

Great Blessing- Let us pray for the well being of this entire Universe. May every action of us be according to this mother Nature to obtain peace, prosperity and happiness.May the Divine Light descend on this earth to guide this humanity in the path of evolution.

Gayatri Mantra chanting with Param Vandaniya Mataji - 24 Times

This video is an offering to mother with beautiful flowers from the abundance of mother nature. Let us all chant Gayatri Mantra with Sarva Saha Parama Vandaniya Mata Bhagavathi Devi Sharma.

Kundalini yoga sutramulu - Telugu

These Kundalini Yoga sutras are composed by Dr.R.K based on the spiritual journey of Param Pujya Gurudev Pt.Shriram Sharma Acharya. Practicing these Sutras will enable you to receive subtle direction and guidance of the Gurusatta

24 times Gayatri Mantra Chanting with Gurudev is equals 24000

Pr.Shriram Sharma Acharya the pioneer of Scientific Spirituality blessed the entire humanity by Universalising the Gayatri Mantra. We are even more fortunate to be blessed by him with the Gayatri Mantra in his voice that has got the vibrant cosmos energy because of the Spiritual amplification imparted to it by him.

Sanjeevani Meditation English Instructions

Sanjeevani Meditation will rejuvenate your body, mind and soul just in 15 minutes.

Sanjeevani meditation Telugu Instructions

Sanjeevani Meditation will rejuvenate your body, mind and soul just in 15 minutes.

Mahakala chaktravarthy yantra