About AWGP South

Restoration of Vedic culture and establishing Heaven on Earth is what we work for. What is ‘ Heaven on Earth’?

Are we talking about the infrastructure facilities that make our lives much easier and lazier? Absolutely not! Heaven is not about Luxury! Heaven on Earth implies Divinity in Humanity. If every human being on this Planet is transformed into a divine angel, earth is heaven! This is the concept of Heaven on Earth. This is the vision of all the Great Souls and Gurus. Gurus may have taken many forms, be it Pandit.Sri Rama Sarma Acharya, be it Sri Lahiri Mahasaya, be it Sri Aurobindo, whatever is the name, the consciousness is the same. The sole aim of all these gurus is to descend that ultimate divinity into every human being on this earth.

May humans attain - Disease free life, old age free life & immortality. Peace, prosperity and happiness for all – Heaven on earth.