“Ordinarily Speaking, Spiritual aspiration ought to be balanced through the intellect, otherwise it may degenerate into mere sentimentality”---Swami Vivekananda.

To strike this balance, both Pandit Sri Rama Sarma Acharya and Dr.Marella Sri RamaKrishna came up with great literature that is essential for building the SATYAYUGA. While Pandit Sri Rama Sarma Acharya ‘s work is primarily in Hindi, we are blessed enough to have it translated into lucid Telugu by Dr.Marella Sri RamaKrishna.Apart from these translations, his lectures on various spiritual Gurus , their cults and their inseparability and interlinks along with the significance of these things in our daily life that were delivered over a period of 40 years are now available in print.

Understand and experience the true spiritualism following this path of transcendent Spiritual literature that sets you free of all the stereotypes of sentiments and superstitions!!