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It is time to realize the very basic purpose of our life, a human life -
Why are we here for?
What is that we are living for?
Where is that we are trying to go?
This site is dedicated to provide a knowledge base for the many such vexatious questions and provide support through audio - visual journeys and featuring the many Masters and their lives providing the direction for us to help live our lives to the fullest. All the power we will ever need lies with in us, in our thoughts and beliefs..
Let our journey begin....................
  Happy New year !
Gurusattas blessing to all my family members.

Gayatri Pariwar announced year 2014 as " Collective Sadhana Years" ( Samuhik Sadhana Samvatsar or Samuhik Japa Yagna Year). Gayatri Mantra is the only Mantra which prays for collective development and Enlightenment " Dhiyo Yonaha Prachodayat". Gayati Pariwar as an Organization has the responsibility for the rise of collective consciousness in these difficult conditions.
In Ramayana's time there is only one Ravana, but now we can find many Ravanas, collective sadhana will help to change such calamitous conditions . With collective sadhana we can completely cleanse mental world.

Those who can orgnise Akahnda Japa Sadhanas in their associated centers should therefore start immediately.

India's astrological conditions this year are similar to what we had in 1947. The conditions are changing for the emergence of a new Bharat from March of this year. This will continue for 12 years, we can see rapid changes in these 12 years. Our collective efforts will play a major role to bring about this change . All of us should work on seeding more positive thoughts, envision noble conditions replacing the negative conditions. Every temple , every house and every Gayatri center should focus on collective sadhana. It is said that 6000 watts of power can be generated with 1 hour collective sadhana by 50 People. please take it as Gurusattas edict and start on collective Japa Yagnas.

All members should foucus on spending their Samayadan, Amsadan and Pratibhadan for these two goals from now:

  1. Cleansing Ganges River – (Ganga Sudhi Abhiyan)
  2. Collective Japa or Japayagna Sadhanas at all centers.

"Sadhana Shatabhdi Varsh from 2025 to 2026 for 10 months"
We will celebrate 2026 as Sadhana Shatabdhi Varsh on the completion of 100 years
  • Vandaniya Matajis shatabhdi varsh
  • Akahda Deepak Shatabhdi Varsh ( The torch lit by Param Pujya Gurudev in 1926) and
  • Sri Aurobindo's Supramental decent' - shatabdhi Varsh.

New Year Message and the Plan of action for 12 Years

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